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    Unhappy Plzz Help me!! D:
    So i had my ipod touch stolen. I need help sooo bad. I never knew i could active icloud. But all i have is the serial number. Plz Can anyone help me? You know track it down. Plzzz!!!

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    Give apple a call and see if they can do anything for you.

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    Do you have an iCloud account running on that mac?

    Apple - iCloud - Find your friends and your missing Apple device.
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    He indicates that he didn't set that up (I think).

    Check local pawn shops and call the police, but don't expect much if you didn't have Find My iPhone (iOS device) set up.

    I second the motion to call Apple.

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    guess if you bought your stuff at the iTunes store you can ask apple for a reset. i did it once and it wasn't a big problem - they did immediately. but i wouldn't expect to get it back. sorry though...
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