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    iOS 5.1 Hide Keyboard Bug
    I have a very annoying bug going on since I have updated to iOS 5.1 a few days ago: When I am on my home screen and swipe to the far left, where I can search for Apps, music, ... I can see the search box and the keyboard comes up. Now, swiping back to the home screen the keyboard doesn't retract so that I can only see half of my apps. At that point I can swipe back and forth, keyboard doesn't go away, it even still responds when I hit letters - obviously doesn't type anywhere. In order to get rid of it I have to open an app and click the home button again or lock and unlock the phone. This can be reproduced every time I go to the search screen.

    Anybody else seeing the same behaviour? Cheers!

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    Not seen that happen on any of the plow estate of iOS devices.

    Does it still occur after a hard reboot? (hold home and sleep/wake button until the phone restarts)

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    Ah well, doesn't that make me feel stupid now. Not sure why I didn't think about a reboot (maybe because the phone rebooted after the update).

    That fixed it. Keyboard now retracts when switching from search screen to home screen. Thanks a bunch!

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