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Thread: suggestion regarding messaging on iPhone

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    suggestion regarding messaging on iPhone
    i love my iphone to death but there is only one thing that i would change if i could. that one thing is replying to messages sent to multiple people. lets say i got a message from joe that says "would you like to hang out tonight" and it was sent to me and a friend of joe named bob. if i were to reply a personal message that i didnt want bob to read, about why i couldnt come it would be sent to joe and bob's phone. i think when you hit the send button an option should pop up that has two options: "reply all" (reply to everyone that the first message that was origionally sent to) or "reply to creator" (which would send the message only to the creator of the mass text, and it would be joe in this case.). if apple inplemented this into any future updates, i think many people would find this usefull.

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    I agree. I know someone who likes to send mass texts and it's annoying because I don't want to see everyone's replies and I don't always want them to see mine...
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    I don't send a lot of texts, and almost never send mass texts, but I can certainly see where that would be handy. maybe even allow the user to decide which behavior is the default.

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