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    Control of spotify on iPad using iPhone
    So I'm trying to figure out how to be able to change tracks etc. on spotify from one iOS device to another, for instance, see subject. I'm trying to be able to put one in a speaker dock and not have to be physically in front of it to change it. I've not really been able to find a viable way to get it done.

    Anyone have any ideas or a way they've accomplished this?



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    Not sure what you have for hardware - but Spotify does support Airplay - so I use my iPhone to send Spotify music to Airport Expresses connected to speakers or one of my Apple TVs. I don't know of a way to remotely control an iOS device from another iOS device. There is airfoil where you can control the output of a iOS device from a computer.
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    Thanks for the suggestions...those should be helpful. As far as hardware goes, none of that stuff is terribly expensive, so at some point I will probably do something like what you're talking about.

    Seems like there should be a way to do this still.

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    There used to be an app called AirView on the appstore that turned an iOS device into an Airplay receiver.

    I don't think it's on there anymore, perhaps there's an equivalent.

    If there is you can have that running on the docked device and have Spotify running on the device you have with you and send the audio to the docked device - effectively using it like an airport express

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