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Thread: iTunes problem with updated ipod

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    iTunes problem with updated ipod
    i've update my ipod(4g) to ios 5.1 with restoring with another itunes and now i wanna get back my data from my backups on my own macbook but everytime i connect my ipod to mac, itunes will detect it as a new device. it gave me couple options: define as new device or restore.
    when i choose to define it as a new device it will give me 54 error while im trying to sync it.
    what's the problem and what should i do?

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    What about backing up to iCloud straight from your iPod, then syncing with iTunes, the restoring back from iCloud?

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    thats not gonna working too. its not about how i've backup, its about the 54 error and detecting ipod in itunes as known device

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