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Thread: PDF software to replace Adobe for Windows

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    PDF software to replace Adobe for Windows
    Hoping someone can help. I recently switched from PC to Mac and things are going pretty smoothly.

    I used Adobe Acrobat 9 for Windows before switching. My needs seem basic but I can't find a replacement in the Mac world. I refuse to buy Adobe's Mac version. Here is what I do with it"

    1. Remove pages from documents I can - I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap and frequently it copies the back side of the scan and I need to delete before saving.

    2. Natively emailing a document via Outlook 2011 - I do that more than I thought and it's a pain to save on the desktop and start an email to attach.

    3. I do apply my signature to approve agreements - very unsophisticated, we don't route documents or anything. Just an electronic signature - I resave and forward onto the people that need it (only one approval).

    4. I print to PDF but the native program in the Mac OS does fine with that.

    I have done a bunch of research but not sure what program works best for my basic but mildly sophisticated (?!) needs. I don't want to use the PC version of Adobe in Fusions - more pain than it's worth.

    Appreciate any advice.

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    I think Preview can do all that, although you may need to set Outlook as the default mail client in Apple's Mail prefs to make sure Outlook and not Apple Mail emails the PDF
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    a. I agree, I think Preview will do at least 80% of that list if not all of it.

    b. Should Preview prove inadequate, you can opt to buy a third-party utility like PDFPen or (you guessed it) Adobe Acrobat (which was originally a Mac program before it was Windows, just sayin').

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    Thank you for the help. I figured out how to delete pages; I have not figured out how to make Outlook the default mail client despite following the steps to set up another email address, etc.

    Not sure on the approval part but sounds like an App takes care of that. I like Adobe, I just don't like having to buy a full copy for the Mac since I already own one for Windows - a lot of $$ for a whole lot of functionality I don't use.

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