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    Hey guys,

    So I am kind of looking for some clarification. Basically I have been trying to get my calendar from my iPhone onto my computer. I found out that I can now use the iCloud control panel and hook it up with outlook. But I have also found that you can access calendars on Does anybody else do this/pefer using the website?

    Also I currently attend university so always have a lot of deadlines that I need to keep track of. I have always used iCal on my iPhone to keep track and set reminders. However since the reminders was realeased I have realised that perhaps I should use this instead? What would be best in my circumstances? What does everybody else use? I have also noticed that for some strange reason the reminders app does not give as many options as the website gives. On the site you can set the due time and the alert where as on the app I don't think you can?

    Sorry for the long post and multiple questions. Any responses will be greatly appreciated!


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    The reminders app on the iPhone gives you a 'Remind me' where you can choose date, time and location etc.
    When you say 'alert' do you mean an alert tone?

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    I use reminders on my iPad and found the same thing. I have more choices for repeating a reminder on the iPad than on the Mac. I also found that anything I created on the iPad has to be checked as completed on the iPad. I can't do it on the Mac.

    Does anyone know if the new upgrade for the Mac will take care of this problem?

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    If you are using aMac, I gave up on Outlook and keep it simple by using the stock Apple apps. Makes it much easier to sync across my devices using iCloud. The downside is not having the integrated functionality of Outlook. I use BusyCal and BusyToDo.

    I tend to make time-sensitive reminders by simply making appointments in the calendar and putting alarms on them.
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