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    Question Apps crash right after opening, despite my best efforts
    I'm writing today because I just don't know where else to turn with an iPhone problem. I've searched countless forums, emailed apple, enlisted numerous friends with apple devices... with no luck.

    I have an iPhone 3GS 16GB (not jailbroken) running iOS 5.0.1 with iTunes v 10.5.3 on a Mac with Lion v 10.7.3. The iPhone HD capacity is almost entirely full (10 GB music, 2.3 apps, 1.05 other, .3 free)

    For the past month or so, randomly, apps will begin this annoying process of closing directly after start up. It started with just one app at a time, no big deal, but now its to the point where half of my apps don't work at any given time. There seems to be no pattern as to which apps stop working, its everything from 3rd party apps like Nike+ to apple apps like Find My Friends. It's never all of the apps, and its never happened to some apps, such as Safari.

    I have tried:
    1. Hard closing the app and restarting
    2. Rebooting the phone
    3. Syncing the phone
    4. Restoring the phone
    5. Closing every other program, clearing other apps cache, and deleting browsing history
    6. Deauthorizing computer, sync, then reauthorizing computer, sync
    7. Deleting and reinstalling an effected app (works on that individual app, but not all other effected ones, plus deletes all data for that app, which was a giant pain for my calorie tracking app Tap And Track)

    and finally...

    8. Downloading a random free app from the app store.

    #8 fixes the problem.... temporarily. After downloading a random app, all of my apps will then work for anywhere from a few hours to a few days, then as I try to open apps again I will notice they are again closing right away. This forces me to again download a free app from the app store. I'm to the point where I've downloaded, deleted, and downloaded the same random app serval times just to get the rest of my apps to work.

    This is a serious problem, especially when I'm driving and trying to get Maps, walking around downtown attempting to use Find My Friends, or just quickly trying to view a nonmobile website in Dolphin Browser. I don't really have the time to always download a random app just to use my basic apps.

    The apple support guide tells me that the issue is likely an "Apple ID authorization issue". If this is the problem, how can this be permanently fixed?

    Thanks forum!

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    Hello there,

    You do seem to have tried most of the fixes.

    Just an observation if I may, it just might...and I say just the lack of headroom on your hard drive .
    Guidelines generally are 20% to 25% available free space to give things room to breathe.

    I would drop approximately 3GB of music off and see if things stabilise.

    Otherwise your phone is possibly duff?


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