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    a little moan about a free App !!!!.
    I was just a minute ago having a browse through the Apple Store looking for iPhone charger cables, i happened across an item for sale, that i could NOT BELIEVE !!!.

    It is listed under:- Shop iPhone/ iPhone Accessories/ Cables & Docks

    LEGO Life of George - Apple Store (UK)

    It is called "LEGO Life of George" it costs 29.95 !!!!
    What's in the Box? =
    144 basic bricks
    Play mat
    George sticker
    Getting Started guide

    You get a free app which gives you diagrams of layouts to make and you can then take a photo of it and let "George" give you marks on how accurately you put the Lego Bricks in place !!!!

    In the words of Victor Meldrew "I do not believe it"

    Is somebody pulling my LEG ????? or summat else ????

    OK OK, I know it IS for kids and i am far away from being a kid, but 30 for a handful of Lego Bricks !


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    Well it is simple. If you think it is too dear don't buy it.

    Others will think it a bargain if it entertains the kids during holidays etc.
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    I can see the benefit and potential for this App.

    The way i see it is i define it as 6 cups of coffee and if i think i could go without 1 of my 2 cups i have a day then its doable. I have a son mad on Lego so i think you for sharing this because i think ill get it.

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    Ok chaps, fair comment, it has been many many years since i have had close contact with ANY youngsters, whether i will have any Grand Children soon i have no way of knowing LOL.


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