Good day!

I am a student trying to make an iPad app (Book Application) in preparation before i graduate.

I used a UIScrollView for scrolling pages, same like the other magazine apps. In my book application i have different UIImageViews.

I coded first all the pages separately (different xcode projects per page), what i have each page are imageviews that can be drag and drop, and in some other page i have a draw-on-touch functionality, they are all working fin separately.

When i tried to combine all those pages into one book with the use of UIScrollView, the only thing that is happening is that it scrolls for page switching, but when i tried to disable the UserInteraction in the UIScrollView the touches are working.

is there a way that i could stop the scrolling during the implementation of each page? then enable it back after? is there any alternative for to do this?

i'm trying to figure this out for 2 weeks already.

I hope i could find help here! thanks in advance.