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    switch iOS to sync contacts with gmail
    I am using iCloud to sync my iOS address book, with Outlook on the PC and the Address Book app on my Mac.

    While soon to be in a migration to Google Apps, aware of the difference in how certain fields are named in each platform and the limitations in fields between each other, is there a recommended way for me to clean up or do the required changes to my current iOS contacts so that they be in as much as friendly as possible for me to upload these into Gmail Contacts and the sync directly and disconnect iCloud.

    Is there and iOS app which understands the Gmail Contacts template of fields and can check on my iPhone contacts and flag any required changes, such as too many email addresses or phone numbers on a contact, etc.???


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    Hm... You can't make it sync your contacts per se, but one way, although it takes a long time, is just to manually add them. I don't have that many, but some people have hundreds of contacts they want transferred.
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    If you're intending on using googles exchange support to sync your contacts/gmail etc you'll be fine. Exchange uses the same fields as Outlook so you're unlikely to get clashes.

    I have hundreds of contacts, may with multiple phone, fax, email, work, home addresses etc and it all works fine.

    The only caveat I've found is that Outlook/Exchange have limited support for the releationship fields. Exchange can only handle work type options like assistant and manager. But if you have a contact on iCloud with the same name you can link the exchange and iCloud contact cards and you'll see a blended view of the contact on your iDevice.
    e.g. On my sisters contact in iCloud it just has her Name and who she's related to. This is linked to her full contact details that syncs via the Google Exchange server. On the iPhone I just see 1 unified contact with all details.

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