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    Okay we currently have:
    1 mac
    2 iphones
    1 itouch (a.k.a. my old iphone)
    2 ipads (only one turned on right now)

    We have apps that we paid for (Kids apps mostly) that we'd like to share on all devices. Currently we have it all hooked to one itunes account.

    So I'm trying to set up hubby with his own account. But I don't want to lose all those expensive apps.

    I found online someone said she shares apps with accounts - "We made Acct A first. Bought apps and music. Then when we got the next one, we synced it with the A's account and everything downloaded on to it. Then we set up B's account and it uploaded everything off her iTouch and onto her new iTunes account without having to pay for all the apps and music again."

    I tried that 10+ years ago with our ipods and it didn't work.I thought Apple won't upload stuff from an ipad. E.g. I bought an interactive book on the ipad when it was set up to my hubby's account and now that I've switched the iPad back to my account I can't upload the book/app to our itunes.

    What am I missing here??

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    You aren't missing anything here.

    What you discovered 10 years ago, holds true today. You can't transfer apps to another account. Not legally, anyway.

    You could keep your husband on the same iTunes account, but set him up his own iCloud account for emails.
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    Thanks. That's what I've done so far. We are about to max out I guess.

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