We have been having problems with iPhone, iPad2 and iMac sync via iCloud ever since I changed a password. I needed to sync wife's ipad calendar and our iMac calendar. I connected the iPad via the usb to the iMac and checked Mail, Contacts and Calendar in the iPad info showing on the iMac's iTunes. I was offered 'Revert' and 'Apply' I clicked Apply and now calendar things that were on the iPad2 which were not on the iMac have disappeared from the iPad2 and several things which were on both iMac and iPad2 now appear twice on the iPad2.
In iMac iTunes / Preferences / Devices there is an iPad backup from around the time I did the above. Will that be the iPad prior to the 'Apply' that I did?
How can I get the iPad2 Calendar back to what it did show?
How do I merge Calendars from the iPhone and, mpre importantly, the (hopefully reverted) iPad2 and iMac Calendars?
Will I have given myself the same problem with Contacts? if so, How do I sort that?