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Thread: Condensing accounts and preserving fee apps

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    Condensing accounts and preserving fee apps
    Hello Forum.
    Here is my situation.
    I have an iPod touch 2nd gen on one account that I have purchased apps with.
    My wife and I have new iPhone 4s's. We would like to share our songs, photos and calendar updates through icloud and possibly condense to one apple account. Is it possible to do this and keep the apps I have purchased. My wife has her own apple account that we wish to condense onto and has set up an iCloud account as well. We also have an ipad 1st gen and will be doing all this off a macbook pro 15" (my old toshiba is being phased out) Or would it be better to keep the two accounts on one computer and share the icloud account.

    Any help would be appreciated, please ask questions if needed.

    p.s. - I did once sync my touch onto her computer and account and she still needs my password to update the apps, does this mean that by sincing my touch again I will have access to all my apps.

    p.s.s. - Currently my iphone is just that just the included apps until this is cleared up. it has not been sunk with an itunes account.
    Sorry for the length, trying to provide all the info.

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    Apple does not presently offer a way to "consolidate" accounts. You can keep apps from different accounts on more than one device, but every time they need updating you will be prompted for the different account passwords.

    My suggestion is for you both to get a "joint"/"shared" iCloud account and use ONLY THAT ACCOUNT for shared purchases and iCloud syncing. You can keep your previous accounts and use them for email and other purposes.

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    Thank you for your response. That was the way we were headed. One question. Is it possible to have my hotmail account and still share the iCloud account with my wife so I can get the calendar updates?

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    Sure. Just use the hotmail account for mail and don't use the iCloud account for mail (ie don't add it to your Mail program).

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