Hi All,

I have had my iPhone for a few years now and although upgraded to iOS5, I still backup and sync my contacts with my Windows Contacts list. I prefer to do this becuase I have a BlackBerry Device too, which needs to use that list.

My problem however is this:-

  • From time to time I would, (as any normal cellphone user) update contacts on my iPhone e.g. I edited my Home number or changed an Email Address for my Uncle through my iPhone contacts.
  • Once I sync this with iTunes, what the sync does is it replaces my changes I made, with Information from my Windows contacts.
  • Although it doesn't delete any contacts, what it does is reverts back all the changes I made i.e. My Home number and Uncle's email.

So In other words, Windows contacts wins over any conflicts. How can I stop this from happening and letting my iPhone device do the updates and changes and not the Windows Contacts list?? I.e. When I make a change on my iPhone, it should overwrite any info on Windows on the next Sync.

Hope there is an easy solution out there.

Thanks guys.