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    iOS5 Photo Albums and iPhoto
    Hello everybody,
    I have been looking everywhere online but there doesn't seem to be anybody who can answer the question I have. The biggest thing (for me) about iOS5 is the ability to make photo albums in the photo app without the need for iPhoto. I have been using this to categorize my photos I have taken with my iPhone. The thing is, whenever I sync my device with iTunes and load up iPhoto, I can't seem to find anything that allows me to import my iPhone created photo albums. Is there a way where I can import the photos in my photo album only? I thought the entire point of being able to make photo albums was so that you could have the photos sync with your iPhoto app without the need to have to reorganize them. I am running the latest version of iOS5, iPhoto, and iTunes. I do have Sync photos turned off in the iTunes sync window, but I don't think that will be an issue because iTunes photo sync seems to do iPhoto to iPhone, not the other way around.
    Thanks in advance!

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    No, that isn't the point of the ability to make photo albums on the iPad. The point is for the iPad to be more independent of the Mac (and the PC, which doesn't have iPhoto).

    I haven't tried making an album on the iPad and then syncing it to iPhoto, so perhaps that would work (you could try it and let us know).

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    ghsusaxa75, I feel your pain -- I can't believe it's not possible to sync albums create on my iPhone to my iPhoto library.

    So I tried creating an iPhoto album with the same name as one of the albums I created on my iPhone, and told iTunes to sync that album, but it just created another identically-named album on the iPhone :-/

    So I tried selecting a bunch of photos in an album on the iPhone and copying them to one of the albums I'd created on iPhoto and synched to the iPhone, but all such albums were greyed out :-/

    Time to re-think how I try to use Albums on the iPhone.

    Apple are such a mix of the incredibly excellent and the utterly crap. This, I fear, is just them being utterly crap.


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