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    Nov 16, 2011
    Group contacts now duplicate
    I have 2 groups of contacts
    1 - Joint contacts
    2 - work contacts

    Then there is
    All Contacts.

    "All contacts" now has at least 2 of every name sometimes 3.
    the individual groups are fine - no duplication at all

    In "all contacts" - the word iCloud shows in-between <ALL CONTACTS AND EDIT
    i.e. <All contacts iCloud Edit
    When a contact is Triplicated iCloud shows as indicated above in 2 of the 3 triplicated contacts but the 3rd one has <ALL CONTACTS INFO EDIT >
    Has anyone else come across this in this forum or others and if so can you suggest a resolution?

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    Take a quick look in your:
    System Preferences
    Mail, Contacts, Calendars

    Look to see how many iCloud account entries you have listed on the left side.
    My duplicates were fixed when I deleted one of the iCloud Account entries as I knew I only had one iCloud account.


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