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    Nov 18, 2011
    Smile LockBox iPhone 4S Upload / Download Problem and Fix
    I actually joined this forum (been meaning too anyway) just so I could better get the word out on a fix someone came up with for uploading to the iPhone 4s with Lockbox Pro. The company didn't help the people out and as an app designer myself, they are off my buy list. In any case, here is the only purpose of the post.

    LockBox Pro Upload / Download Fix (I imagine it works for standard LockBox too).

    LockBox Pro is a password holding app. The key feature was that you could save a copy via txt file to your desk top and upload it back. Good for back up and changing phones. Unfortunately it doesn't work with the 4S. I'm sure it's a simply fix but the company didn't update. There is an Import / Export Data button which allows the upload down load process. The problem is that the IP address it tells you to put into your web browser is wrong. Not sure why. Easy fix though. Simply get the IP address your phone is on and use that PLUS :88. That's it. Then it works as advertised. You can get the IP address from either the phone through the network connection details or from your router (the Airport Extreme was pretty easy and you can search that).

    In any case, I really felt the need to tell people because I was really stressed out knowing it would need to to re-type hundreds of passwords. Been putting it off for weeks carrying around two phones (3GS LockBox had the data).

    Lastly, I figured this out when looking at the most current reviews under the app. hclp6982 apparently figured it out and noted it. It was a life saver so we owe the solution to him or her. I'm only posting on here so maybe it will come up on a web search in google. I had been search for weeks.

    -The Dark Skunk.

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    Nov 21, 2011
    LockBox Pro and iPhone 4S
    DarkSkunk - Thanks so much for the timely post. This was driving me nuts!

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    Nov 25, 2011
    Exporting my lockbox info
    Help! I have done this once before but it's been a long time. I'm using an iPhone 3GS and a windows computer. I tried the IP address on the lockbox export page - didn't work. Found this message, found my phone's IP address, input it into IE on the computer, added ":88" and still....nothing. Any ideas?

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