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Thread: Can i upload files to iCloud somehow? A little confused...

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    Can i upload files to iCloud somehow? A little confused...
    So, I understand the iCloud concept. As a MobileMe user, I had the iDisk, where I could upload any files and access them from anywhere (or share them as well).

    How in the world can I do this with iCloud? I can't find a way to do so. I really miss iDisk and I kind to regret to have migrated (i do hope there is a way, though).

    If that is not a feature of iCloud yet, is my other option third party apps like or something like that?


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    Yeah iCloud is still kind of in the beta stages. Currently users don't have advance options or control over what is being uploaded to iCloud. For now third party apps if you want more control.

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    yea that kinda sucks they took it away. I do hope they integrate it back. I'd rather use iCloud to hold docs specific to my iDevices instead of dropbox

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    iCloud for documents will do this for most file types:

    Hidden iCloud 'feature' may someday challenge Dropbox | MacNN

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    It is a bummer that iDisk is not included in iCloud, but even after the migration to iCloud the iDisk is still available. You can use it all you want until next June.
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