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Thread: Mac Newbie Question

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    Dec 02, 2010
    Mac Newbie Question
    Super experienced PC user but new to Mac. Is there a way to do a find and bulk move? I have a Windows PC with a ton of music and a Mac with a ton of music, some duplicates. I am going to move all of my mp3's into 1 folder, then import them into iTunes and let iTunes organize it. So i need to find all the music on my Mac and bulk move it to a temporary import folder (where I am also dropping my Windows mp3).

    Second question: is there a way to bulk rename files? I want to change from

    01-123.mp3, 01-456.mp3 (for example) to 123.mp3, 456.mp3. ie: I want to remove the 01- suffix.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Dec 02, 2010
    ok- i figured out the find and bulk move. just need help doing the bulk rename. Thanks!

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