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    Jan 15, 2011
    iOS5... SERIOUSLY upsetting me.

    So I plugged my phone into my computer and in the capacity bar in iTunes it was showing that almost HALF of the space on my iPhone was taken up by "Other".

    I have NO effing clue what "other" is, but after some research I found that it was most likely corrupt files from disconnecting during a sync... or... something else.

    So I hard started my phone... and it was still there.

    I finally just said screw it, "restored" my phone... and now it's done doing what it needed to do and I'm looking at the "capacity" bar again and while there's only 0.50Gigs of "other" (and I'm assuming that's the software itself) it says I have 1.40Gigs of audio on my phone... but there is NO MUSIC loaded in my phone right now!

    I didn't start having all these issues until I upgraded to iOS5 on my iPhone 4.

    Is this something I'm going to have to wait for Apple to fix in an update or is there a way to take care of all this now?


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    do you download podcasts?
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    "Other" can be filled with the iTunes Artwork when you have Songs/Movies/TV Shows as well. Holds all the thumbnails for whatever as well.
    Just a little bit more info

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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen
    do you download podcasts?


    When I opened the iPod it said there was no music... I didn't think about the fact that when I restored my phone it may have thrown the podcasts back on there.

    It did.

    That's probably what I'm seeing.

    Hahaha, thanks for clearing that up for me ^_^

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    never mind!
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    That's how fast a "seriously ****** off" person becomes a happy, capital letter "HAHAHA" writer. Seems like people these days have a very short fuse :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dekan View Post
    That's how fast a "seriously ****** off" person becomes a happy, capital letter "HAHAHA" writer. Seems like people these days have a very short fuse :-)
    It seems like it was a short-fused reaction, but I was being patient with it all day while I was trying to figure everything out. All day when I SHOULD have been editing images for a client... so when I saw that, unknowing what it was, that was sort of the last straw for me because I had already wasted a couple of hours, during which I SHOULD have been productive, haha.

    Anyway, thanks to all of you for taking the time to help me figure out what the issue was... even though in the end it turned out not to be an issue at all (once I restored my phone, that is. Because before I did that, there *was* an issue...)

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