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    Problem solved re freezing iPhone 4S
    Went to the Apple Store yesterday; my new iPhone 4S kept freezing with lined black outlines around each app. Turns out the Voiceover function kept "spontaneously" turning on. (I was inadvertently turning it on by hitting my home button 3 times instead of 2).
    Here's how to fix it: Go to Settings; General; Accessibility. (If you can't get there because screen has frozen, use 3 fingers to scroll down; it'll eventually work). You'll notice that "VoiceOver" is turned on. Obviously, turn it off.
    But wait, there's more: now scroll down to the last setting on that screen, "Triple-click Home." TURN THAT OFF forever.
    Problem solved.
    It took 4 Apple techs (2 phone guys, 2 Apple store guys) to figure this one out!

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    While we appreciate you posting the solution you've found here - please don't double post. I've removed the duplicate post. Thanks.

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