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Thread: Multiple iTunes accounts and iCloud

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    Multiple iTunes accounts and iCloud
    I have searched and I have not been able to find an answer. The last I answer i got was basically "dont use iCloud.

    This is what I am trying to find out. My wife and I have different iTunes accounts (apple id's are separate). We did this because we do not like the same apps or music. How can I use iCloud to stream our photos. Even though we have different iTunes accounts, we would still like to share photos and eventually music.

    Long question short...How can multiple iTunes or apple id's use iCloud without reworking everything we already have.
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    Ok I ran into the same issue and here's what I did. I created a seperate Apple ID and use that with iCloud on all my devices (my iPhone, iPad, wife's iPhone, and Mac mini). We only use certain services though through iCloud (naturally I don't want her contacts on my phone or bookmarks etc. ) Then I enabled only the features we want to share like calendar, documents, and photo stream. Now when either one takes pictures it syncs to all devices and my Mac mini. I don't do backups to iCloud, still sync my stuff to the Mac. There's no way that I know of other than having one id. It would be nice if you could enable certain parts of iCloud features to use different ids but that will probably never happen so this is what I used for a workaround.

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