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    Sep 02, 2011
    Backed up iPhone to iCloud, maxed out 5GB, I thought music & photos were not included
    I turned on my backup for my iPhone, and it took up all of the 5GB on iCloud. I spoke with an Apple tech and he said it basically creates a mirror image of your iPhone, and thats why its such a large file.

    After we hung up I started thinking, I thought music, pictures, videos were not included in the backup. So what is it on my iPhone that is taking up the 5GB?

    Has anybody backed up their iPhone? How much room did it take up?

    I didn't want to turn it off because then It will not sync my camera roll to iCloud when I charge my phone.

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    Did you check in iTunes how much space on your phone is taken? there is a nice chart in iTunes showing what kind of data (music, apps, videos, ...) takes how much space. That should help!

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    Sep 02, 2011
    Hey Dekan, thats a good point.....maybe some videos I brought over via Handbrake are not included. These were videos from my Sony Handycam. Although, these are not on my iPhone, just in iTunes.

    That being said, I could not locate that chart?

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