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    iCal item not synching to iPhone and vice versa
    I just switched to iCloud to sync my calendar events and it created duplicate events, which I deleted, but when I add a new event on my phone or mac, it doesn't transfer to the other device. Any ideas? Thanks

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    to sync your iCloud calendar to your Mac
    1. open up prefs in iCal and go to accounts, then add new account.
    2. Select "iCloud" account.
    3. Once you do, you will notice that you will have a duplicate of every event in your calendar. This is because it is displaying both "your mac calendar" (OnMyMac) and "iCloud" calendar all at once. All you got to do is click on calendars on the top left and deselect all the "your mac calendars" leaving solely the iCloud calendars.
    4. Then go into iCal preferences to reselect default calendar, picking one of the iCloud calendars. Otherwise new appointments will still be created in an OnMyMac calendar.

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    I tried the above and there is no option for icloud in my Accounts set up: I can add only CalDAV, exchange, mobileme, google or yahoo. No iCloud I have deactivated my mobileme.

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    Have you upgraded to Lion on your Mac? Otherwise the sync settings will only partly populate.

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    iCloud Synch
    My iCal synchs to my iPhone, however events entered on the iPhone calendar do not appear in iCal. Also the birthday calendar does not show up on my iPhone.

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