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    Wi-Fi iPod Syncing Question
    I have yet to use this feature because what I would like to know is if I sync my iPod through Wi-Fi, will I only sync what is in my iTunes or will I end up getting what is in the iTunes in another account on my computer? The last thing I want is to end up with my sister's music when syncing with a wi-fi connection.

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    Wifi sync is specific to the device and the iTunes music you want on it. It works just like a tethered sync except no need for wires. If you turn it on it will sync only to your iPod profile, playlists, etc. Here's a good description of what to do iOS 5: How to Use Wi-Fi Sync with iTunes

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    I concur.
    There is no difficulty in the synching , you will only get your account.
    But make sure that the first time after switching to the wifi synch that you are on you computer at the same time and renew all of your choices for what you would like to synch.
    I found out the hard way that the synch removed half of my music all my photos and videos and had to go through the long waiting process to resynch it with the now missing data, on the 64gig iPod touch this took an extra hour or there a bouts.

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    Thank you!

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