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    iphone itunes help
    got the new 4s and want to put some music on my ipod
    problem is I have 3000+ songs on my itunes an thats around 15GB so obviously I can't get all my songs on my phone.

    Is there a way I can set it up so that I can pick an choose what songs I want on my phone? I'd like to have maybe 500 songs on my phone, but not my whole itunes library. can anybody help me out?


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    You could either create a playlist, adding just the songs you want. Or, with your iPhone connected to your computer, click on the iPhone in the sidebar within iTunes, then on the music tab you can select "Sync all music" or "Sync only selected albums/songs" (can't be more precise as don't have access to iTunes currently).

    You can then select the albums/artists you want to and then hit sync. Job done. :-)

    I find the playlist route is easier as you just drag and drop to the playlist, just make sure you have selected to sync playlists.

    Hope this helps.

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