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    Phone number not showing on iphone browser.

    I have created a website which shows fine in most browsers on pc's and phones. However, there is a problem when viewing the site on an iphone. In my footer I show the company phone number. It's basic html as follows:

    <div id="footer">

    The Forestry Company<br />
    East Park House,
    Marina Commercial Park, Cork<br />
    Phone: 021 4322870
    <br />

    For some strange reason teh numbers are not showing and I don't know why.

    Just wondering if anyone can help me out.

    The website is The Forestry Company: Home

    Thanks in advance

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    The phone number is there, it's just a very dark colour so is difficult to see against the green background.

    Well, I managed to see it on both the iPhone and iPad.

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