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    Oct 17, 2011
    Some iCal events not showing on iPod via iCloud
    Hi guys

    I was using Lion before this already, updated my iPod touch 4th gen to iOS5 the day it came out, and decided to go with iCloud for my iCal. I faced the problem that many other users did, regarding duplication, etc. but I think I solved that by just deleting everything from my mac and using only iCloud.

    I checked that all my events were still on my mac (MacBook Pro) and after I solved the problem. I didn't check to see if past events (say February) were successfully synced to my iPod via iCloud, though. I only saw that this month's events were all in left it as that.

    I wanted to check an event in February today, but to my horror when I went into iCal on my iPod I discovered that there were only events from 2 calendars in my iPod! Then I rushed to check iCal on my mac, and everything was there, from the 10 calendars I have. also had everything. So it's just my iPod that's not syncing now. And the funny thing is, for the 2 calendars that are showing, one shows all events, but the other shows only half the events. The other half are showing on my mac,, but not my iPod. (I checked to see if I'm showing all calendars already, so nothing is hidden)

    Because I didn't check for past events on my iPod I'm not sure when this problem started exactly...but if I create an event on either of my devices now, it gets onto the other one perfectly fine. Just some past events that aren't showing.

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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    Mar 26, 2011
    I posted the same question just an hour before you. :0 I hope someone finds an answer. I'm glad to hear that someone else is having the same issues. Plz. post if you solve this.

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    You know what, in the end I just switched back to good ol' wire syncing. Got rid of all my iCloud calendars on all devices and just using calendars On My Mac now, just like pre-iOS5 days. Also prevents the situation of me not being able to sync if the internet somehow crashes one day. =D

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