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    how to remove newsstand app?
    i youtubed and google and all it's showing me is to go on cydia and do it. i don't have cydia and i don't wanna jailbreak it. any other way to remove it?

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    No way to remove apps integral to iOS. So far hiding it as the best that's been done - link.

    However, I'm with baggss. Just move it to the last page and forget it.
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    In the interest of providing an alternative way of thinking, let me ask this: why not consider subscribing to a magazine so that you actually USE Newsstand?

    There are some pretty terrific magazines and good deals available. I'm seriously thinking of taking up a New Yorker subscription, and there's this other mag called "How" and one called "Once" that I'm also looking into. Maybe even Popular Science if I think I'm going to have the time.

    I originally didn't think I'd go for iPad subscriptions but the deals are good and I'd like to do more intelligent reading, you know? Give it some consideration and browse around, you never know!

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