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Thread: ios5 data usage

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    Oct 14, 2011
    ios5 data usage
    Since upgrading to ios5 my data usage has gone up drastically! I have turned off everything I can find, but still am using data. In a 15 min period I used 5mb and 4% of my battery. Has anyone else experienced this or have any clue to what is using data? (I also made sure nothing was running in the background and no emails were received)

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    Oct 16, 2011
    Drastically is an understatement
    My wife's iPhone has used over a gig of cellular data in 3 days...
    We now owe vodafone over $ 200.
    Icloud was set too wifi only.
    We have never used that amount of data.
    As vodafone can be 2 days behind in their useage the next few days could bankrupt us.....

    I have turned cell data off and are too afraid to turn it back on...

    I urge everyone who has updated to check their cell data useage NOW

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    What model handsets are you using, 3GS, 4 or 4S?

    I have also experienced this using 3 times my normal usage in just 8 days!

    My handset is a 3GS.

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    I just checked my usage after I found this thread here and was afraid that I would go over as well. Everything is totally normal though. Did you check usage, didn't do a whole lot with the phone and checked again? I know all my apps needed updates after I upgraded to iOS5 - maybe that ran through data for you and caused more than usual traffic?

    I'm using iCloud only for contacts, no other files and didn't set any "special" options. Wireless is usually turned off for me so every data is going through 3G. I have used less than 300mb in almost a month and upgraded to iOS5 the first day it came out.

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    One of the features of the iCloud is to backup your phones and allow you to sync things purchased on other devices to your iPhone, all of these features will end up using data. Now if they are restricted to just WiFi on the iPhone and cell data is still being used, that's a bug and needs to be addressed by Apple..otherwise, I'd imagine that things are working as expected..

    Also the initial backup of your iPhone or other device might cause a spike in data usage, but then I imagine that it'll slow down once it gets to doing incremental changes..
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    Oct 20, 2011
    Angry Experienced the same problem...
    I experienced the same problem. I was on $200MB/month data plan. I am mostly on WiFi and usually use ~5MB cellular data per day.

    When I checked it yesterday, my data usage was at ~15MB. Then I received an email from AT&T that I was over my limit-- didn't receive any warnings! I am now 88Mb over my limit, which means I used ~270MB in a single afternoon.

    I am very disappointed now

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