Hi all, first post.

I've got an iPad 1 and iMac. I upgraded to IOS 5 and OSX 10.7.2 yesterday. I've got Pages, Keynote and Numbers on both machines - on the iPad I also upgraded the apps to IOS 5 versions.

What I want to do is to have copies of documents on both machines, which is what I thought IOS 5 offered. How on earth do I do that? If I write a document on the iMac, do I have to "Save as" in a particular folder to get it to sync across? If I start a Numbers spreadsheet on the iPad, how do I get it to appear on the iMac? I thought it might "just work" but it doesn't seem to.

The iPad and iMac are wifi syncing with each other OK (calendar etc), but not the documents (and yes, on the iPad "documents" are selected to sync on the iCloud settings). I'm puzzled, and grateful for any help.