Alright guys i knw there are problems with updating to ios5 but im struggling to find sum1 with the same problem as me basicly i plugged my phone in to do a system update to the ios 5 all was going well it downloaded ok my phone went off and that little loading bar thing popped up on my phone if that makes sense lol.My pc said it was updating the phone drivers then thats when everything went wrong it was downloading the driver then a error code popped up and now my phone is stuck in recovery mode when i try to restore using itunes it says restore and update i click ok then it starts downloading taking 18mins when it gets to between 5 and 3 mins left my phone seems like it trys to restart it goes off then the apple symbol comes up and then it goes back to the icon with the leed and itunes symbol so it disconnects and reconnects with itunes resetting everything so i have to start all over again i dunno what to do been trying for hours its a 3gs if that helps lol any kind of help or advice will be great cheeRS guys