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    Paid Apps --> Email?
    Quick question...

    So, my wife got an iPad and when setting it up, we just set her up on my iTunes account. I own an iPhone 4 (soon 4s). Eventually, I'll own my own iPad and when I get my 4s, she'll have her own iPhone.

    Now here's my question, I want to make it so that she has her own iTunes account... Will the paid iPad apps (such as Pages) transfer to her iTunes account? Or... How can I do that?


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    I believe, the apps that were bought on YOUR account, are tied to that account. Your wife will have to buy the apps again once she's created her own account.

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    Having two separate iTunes account in the family is, imho, a big mistake... unless you enjoy paying twice for stuff.

    Why do you want separate accounts - planning on separating and don't want to fight over who gets the iTunes?

    You do not need 2 iTunes accounts in order for each of you to be able to sync only what you want on the individual devices. I'm syncing 4 iDevices with a single user account on one Mac and all 4 of them have their own individual data, apps, music, etc on them.
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    +1 for bobtomay

    I run a very similar setup. Each iOS user has there own apple ID for iCloud syncing etc. But all purchasing is done through one iTunes account so that we can all uses the apps without re-buying

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    Thanks for your advice! How do you use multiple Apple ID's on 1 device, say one to purchase and one for iCloud syncing?

    Like for example. I own an iPhone, she owns an iPhone and iPad... On her iPad, in the store, it says "Automatically download new purchases (including free) made on other devices".

    Won't this mean all the apps I download on my iPhone will go to her iPad and vise versa?

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