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    iCloud and multiple contact
    I share my mac w/ my girlfriend and we each have separate contact lists. When I would sync the phones with iTunes i could simply sync each of our phones with the appropriate contact list. Now with iCloud it put both our contact lists on the phone. I went through and deleted all of her contacts off my phone but now her contacts don't show up on the mac.

    Is there a setting Im missing or is this an issue with iCloud? I want to have separate contact lists again.

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    Subbing...I'd love to know the answer

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    This might not directly answer your concern, but I had issues with duplicate (make that TRIPLICATE) iCal events on both my iPhone & MacBook Pro so maybe it will be of some help.

    The problem was caused because I set my iTunes to sync and was also syncing via iCloud. Apparently, because the events existed in both iCloud & in iCal "On My Mac" they were syncing via iCloud and again via iTunes. This doesn't make sense to me because I would think that when they synced they would not be duplicated. According to Apple Support, I needed to go to iCal & disable the calendars under "On My Mac" AND I needed to go to iTunes & disable the sync option.

    Due to my lack of faith in iCloud (sorry, but it's so new & I like "seeing" my events listed "On My Mac"), I choose to sync events via the old fashioned method. I had to go to System Preferences, iCloud, & deselect Calendars. And go to iTunes & reenable "sync". (first exported copies of all my calendars from iCal). This seemed to solve the problem.

    I'm sure there are more mac users on this forum with more expertise than I have that will be able to help you better, but I thought I would share my currently gained knowledge with you.

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    sharing on icloud
    i was looking for a similar thing ... and found ... that should solve a lot of icloud sharing / non-sharing things?

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    Separate Apple IDs
    If you want separate contact lists for you and your girlfriend all you need to do is set up separate Apple IDs. You can still share the same Apple ID for iTunes, but go to Settings and specify your unique Apple IDs for Contacts, Calendar, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    Also, you don't make it clear if you have separate accounts on the Mac for you and your gf.

    IF YOU DON'T, THAT'S A BIG MISTAKE IMO. You should probably start there and set up a separate account for each of you. Trust me, you will be thanking me for this advice in the future.

    Once that's done, export her contacts and let her import them into her account, and have her set up her own Apple ID as smaccomb suggests. As he says, you can still have a "buying AppleID" you share for things like apps and music, but a separate individual "syncing" Apple ID for mail, contacts, calendars

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