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    Can I have my Email sync to both my iPad and BlackBerry
    Hi everyone,
    I'm a new member here, was recently given an iPad 2 and haven't used it that much but have upgraded it to iOS5 and want to use it instead of my Mac Book Pro sometimes as it's more portable, I just wondered if I can have my Email to sync to both my iPad and my BlackBerry?, out of the 2 it's more important that it comes to my BlackBerry but it would be nice to have it set up in the mail app on my iPad too.

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    Sort of depends on what email service you are using, but in general: yes.

    Let's say you are with gmail who support IMAP, you can just add your email address/account to all devices you have. Now, when you read an email on your iPad and your Blackberry is synchronizing, it will mark this email as read as well. If you delete it on one device, it will be deleted on others. Short: IMAP keeps your data synced between all devices the email account is set-up on.

    I have my emails on a total of 4 different devices and it works flawless.

    Some email providers (I believe hotmail does that) doesn't support free IMAP service. In that case you could use POP3. This would also work, but the issue is, it doesn't sync back to the server. Means you get a new email on your phone, read it, go back to your iPad, get new emails and the one you just read will still go in as new.

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for that, it is my personal Yahoo mail account I want on my iPad, my work email I can't have set up to it and will keep going to my BB only, although not getting much of anything coming to my BlackBerry at the moment.

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