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    Location Aware Reminders and 3GS
    Can someone tell me what the 4G has that the 3GS doesn't have that prevents the 3GS from not having location aware reminders?

    Compared with my friends 4G just a minute ago and, under Location Services, he has a setting to turn on or off 'Reminders'. My 3GS running the same iOS version, doesn't have the option.

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    When you say 4G, you mean 4th gen right (as in the iPhone 4) and your referring to the iOS 5 reminders feature? Which has not been released to the public yet?

    I'm pretty sure the iPhone 4/4s have a different GPS chip "with a much faster acquire time and lower power draw". This could be the reason but I've also seen apple leave out features from older model devices before. Marketing tactics to cause people to upgrade there old devices? IDK.

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    seems obvious to me that they want people to upgrade ...

    Anyway, there are great apps on the store that provide location based reminders for the 3GS as well. One's even for free:

    MapAlarm - Smart Location Based Reminders & Social Mapping for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    THE solution for me.

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