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Thread: Creating an app

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    Creating an app
    I have an idea but am not sure about the next step. What is the language most used for creating ios apps? Is there a piece of software that might make it a bit easier for me.

    I can write html and css but thats about it.. any suggestions on what to do/think about next...?

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    Objective-C is the language used..XCode is the IDE..there are engines you can use to help you along the way, but there isn't anything ready made that will make your application for you..

    Creating an iOS app usually involves programming it using the Cocoa Touch API..there are numerous books that cover Objective-C and Cocoa Touch programming that will help you learn..
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    Thanks for the advice

    Im just reading a pdf on ob-c now. Ive also found something that adobe has called "flex"...would this be useful...?

    Im just about to look into cocoa touch aswell

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    AFAIK, you can now use Flex to make iPhone apps since it comes with an iPhone packager. From where I sit, it has the benefit of being an easier way to create apps but the Obj-C/Cocoa Touch route is better if you want full API support (not to mention the support of the company responsible for making iOS).
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