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    what are some good navigation apps for ios?
    I previously owned the all versions of the iPhone. I had a iPhone 4 right after it launched but took it back because I changed carriers.

    Nevertheless, I currently have the new galaxy s epic 4G touch, on sprint. However if the rumors are true and sprint is getting the iPhone, I'm.looking to exchange my epic 4g touch for one.
    But before I do that, I was wondering if someone can tell me if there's a comparable navigation app for the iPhone like that of Google maps for android? When I had my iPhone, I did have the navigan navigation app. But I haven't used that in while. So have no idea how it is now.

    So if someone can chime in, that'll be great.

    Please give me more APPLES!

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    Navigation apps for Ios
    You should check out waze. Coverage is not perfect yet but it's getting better every day. It's free!

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    Waze is a really good app, and you can't beat free. If you're willing to pay, I found that motion-x gps offers great navigation on the cheap.
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    "Maps" is stock on the iPhone. "Navigon" works fine for me on land, iNavx on the water.
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