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    Tether my iphone 3gs and macbook air
    Would be great to have 3g on my 13 inch i5 air. Im not sure how to set it up. My iphone is 3gs and is jailbroken, fw is 4.3.3

    I get free 3g on my uk o2 sim so needs to be a uk method, ive googled this but no luck

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    im not sure the 3gs can become a hotspot. there should be an option in settings where you go select personal hotspot and you should be good to go. my IP4 does this and I can share 5 devices on it.....I just upgraded to the max amount of data available on my package for this purpose...I will have an ipad2 and mba 13 soon so my phone will be getting some workout when im on the road!

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    I have an ancient iPhone 3G and so could not check this out. But from what I've heard, iPhone 3GS does have the option to tether and the only thing it cannot do is act as a WiFi router. Sorry, if you were looking for just that

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    Hi, if you go into Settings -> General -> Network there's a setting there for (I think it's called) Set Up Personal Hotspot. Unfortunately you'll find that O2 jump in at that point and ask for money, at least 5 a month if I remember rightly.

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