Hi Guys!

Okikoke, I'm looking for an iPad app that can do the following, I've had a good google but I don't know if there is anyone out there who knows of anything that would suit this...


- Can connect to online storage where PDF is stored,
- Can save multiple copies of a blank form (same form will be filled out 1k times a year more or less)
- Can add annotations drawn with a finger/stylus to an image on the form
- Can save copies of the form to a naming convention (eg thisform-date.pdf)
- Can have a photo field where the iPad camera will input the picture to the form, preferably without having to exit the form, boot up photobooth and save the photo etc...

Basically, this is for my mums business, she has a medical clinic ans fills filing cabinets like nobody's business!

At the moment the client fills out and signs a basic medical questionaire. This will be saved onto the secure server space we have setup (designed for medical data)

The clinician then goes through the consultation and makes notes and diagrams on an outline of a face (this would be on the iPad)

A Batch Number of the drug is noted on the form

and then a before and after picture are taken

So yeah - if anybody knows of anything that can do all of that, I'm more than capable of designing the paperwork in InDesign and Acrobat Pro into interactive PDF's, it's just what happens then...