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    I want an iphone app which allows my iphone to control my macbook pro via bluetooth?
    Hi Guys,
    I have a brand new macbook pro and the previous model about three years old.
    However the keyboard and mouse on my old pro has decided to give up. Cost about 180 ($300) to fix, no thanks.
    Currently I'm using wired keys & mouse but it looks a bit ugly. Plus I use boths laptops to DJ so wires is not useful.
    At home I'm successfully using the 'touchpad' app on my iphone to control my old macbook using wifi. However when I'm away DJing or in a hotel etc, I will not have connected to the wifi, therefore have no way of controlling the macbook.
    Is there a way or an app, which enables me to control my macbook pro using bluetooth on my iphone similar to how the mighty mouse connects? This must be possible.
    I'm dubious of this iClarified - iPhone - How to Control a Mac Using an iPhone and Remote Buddy
    I dont think it actually means that the iphone can control the macbook using bluetooth or does it?

    So basically I want an iphone app which allows my iphone to control my macbook pro via bluetooth, any helpers?


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    I use this one App Store - Mobile Mouse FREE (Remote/Trackpad).
    It works great with my iPhone, even has a keyboard feature.
    Just be sure you install the free app on your Mac (and have the app open) before you try to connect with your phone. It's basically app on your iPhone works with the app on your Mac. Real easy to use and this is the free version. They have a pro version for $.99 if you want more bells & whistles.
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    Thanks for that, I've just bought Mobile Mouse from iTunes; it's great !


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    I'm interested in hearing any suggestions for this too.

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