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Thread: music controls while docked to car stereo?

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    music controls while docked to car stereo?
    Whenever I dock my iphone to my car stereo I have to control the music from the car stereo. I HATE IT. It never really works, and the interface is nowhere near as useable as the iphone.

    How do I control my music from my iphone while docked? Do I have to jailbreak it and get an app? Which app?

    Thanks for any help.

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    It's actually not limited by the phone, but by your car's interface. I believe most, if not all manufacturer supplied interfaces have this limitation to prevent liability issues on the part of the car manufacturer. For example, my wife's Subaru with a factory-supplied interface works this way, but my Honda, with an aftermarket USASPEC interface does not.

    If it bothers you, you may want to research aftermarket alternative interfaces.
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    Mine does the same if I use the USB port. However, while connected to it via Bluetooth, I can control it via both the cars manual or voice controls or via the iPhone itself. If you've got a Bluetooth option, try that.
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    I used to have a Sony that took control of my iPhone automatically when you plugged it in, but there was a setting on the radio to turn this "feature" off. Once it was off, I could control the music from the phone and it would play through the radio.

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