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    Music services other than iTunes for iPod
    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for some iPod-related advice. My last mp3 player was an 80GB Zune, which recently died. I'm looking to buy an iPod this time around, but I'm not sure what to get.

    I thought about the iPod touch, but it only has a maximum capacity of 64GB (I barely had any room left on my 80GB Zune, so that won't work). So I'm looking into a 160GB iPod Classic. But I have one concern: is there any way I can load music onto my iPod without buying the music from iTunes?

    Songs seem to be around $1 a piece on iTunes. I'd prefer to pay $10/month for Spotify and get unlimited music. But is there a way to put music from another service, such as Spotify, on my iPod? Can it be transferred from Spotify onto iTunes, then synced with my iPod?

    If not Spotify, is there an equivalent service that allows for a premium monthly subscription fee as opposed to iTune's method (pay for songs/albums individually)?

    Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can offer!

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    NOte: Merged crossposts and placed it in the iOS and apps since you're really looking for a way to get music on your iPod.

    Yes, Spotify music is compatible with iDevices, but you're going to need a Premium account. They have just released their API to iOS developers. So there should be more apps coming in the near future.

    In the meanwhile, they already have their own app - link.

    Beyond that, your iTunes music should all sync to any iOS device.
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    Music doesn't have to be bought from itunes to put it onto ipod.

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