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    Diary/organiser app
    Hi. Was wondering if anyone had used or heard of an iPhone app like this. Looking for one that would act as a diary with a little more. Most importantly I would like to be able to access and add entries via any computer, as well as being able to attach files/file locations to these entries. Hopefully an app like this would let me search through the entries for a specific entry, or specific word or set of words.

    Was looking at the Notebook (app)/Toodledoo (website) combination which seemed to be what I was looking for but in order to attach files you had to pay a subscription fee on the site as well as making an initial outlay on the app to start off with.

    Does anyone know of an app like this? Or at least one like Notebook/Toodledoo which isn't as expensive?

    Thanks guys.

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    Apr 21, 2011
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    Oooh watching this thread with interest. Having the same question but I use iCal and add notes there but would love the function to add a file or PDF etc ...

    There is a hand writing app called NoteShelf that I have been using to create PDF documents live with the clients I work with as it works for me, but to be able to add them to a PDF and attach to a calendar appointment would be god like to me too.

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