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Thread: Moving apps between phones?

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    Moving apps between phones?
    I have an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4. Some games I play have their high scores on the 3G and others on the iPhone 4. I'd like to get everything onto the iPhone 4 but sure don't want to start over on the scores - on some I am VERY high and even if I could eventually replicate them, it would take forever.

    I thought that a restore from backup would let me move my 3G stuff over, but it would also replace what is already on my iPhone 4, creating essentially the same problem with other games.

    So, is there any workaround for moving a game app - with all score info intact - from one phone to the other without losing anything on the new phone either?

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    You can use iPhone explorer to copy the game saves across. It has to be done seperately for each app but it works.

    Here's a link to a page that'll help explain the process (it's windows centric but you'll get the idea)

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    Thanks. It looks like what I want, though I've just skimmed the guidelines you linked to.

    And it may help solve a problem I've run into a few times, where an Apple Genius' all too common "solution" to a problem is to "restore as new" - thus losing all your game data. With this I could at least save the files for games I really care about and restore them separately if I have to do a restore as new.

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