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    Cannot download Xcode on my Mac
    I just bought the smaller macbook air last week. I come to class (Computer programming class) and he asks us to download Xcode... I go to the Mac site and it goes to the app store and i try to download it and it says i need a new version of the OS....

    I just bought the computer and after it told me i needed a newer version i went to look for software updates. And it did not find a newer version so i cant download the Xcode app..

    I really need help with this ASAP because we have homework due tomm. Ive asked him and he said he doesnt know what to do..


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    Xcode in the App Store requires that you be running OS X Lion (10.7). If you go to  > About This Mac, what version does it say you're running?

    If you're running something less than 10.7, you can install Xcode from the grey discs that came with your machine. I can't remember which disc it's on but it does come included with new Macs.
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