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    In-Class Note-Taking App (But not Evernote)
    Hey all, first post,

    What I've been looking for is a really good note taking app that I can use to take notes during lectures and such (though the app doesn't need to be designed for this purpose), and that preferably has an iPhone equivalent that it will sync with, so that I can review my notes when I'm not at my computer. When I first downloaded it, Evernote seemed perfect, but I soon discovered that it's really not suited for the fast-paced note-taking required for a lecture: it wants you to individually title each note (otherwise they all show up as Untitled), and there's not shortcut/hotkey to start a new note; you have to click the button. This may not seem so bad, but especially when the professor's talking really fast, a hotkey would be incredibly useful. Does anyone have any suggestions? If no one can think of anything, maybe an app like the one I described, but not necessarily with the iPhone syncing option? Thanks!

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    Please don't cross post. >_>" I invite you to read the community guide lines before posting again.

    Thank you.

    - CR

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    I think you should look at Evernote again since it's generally the note taking app of choice. I know many people, including me personally, who use it for school.

    As for titles, etc, you can always name them later if that's too much at the time. Although I'm not sure what or how you're taking notes for a particular class that makes it so you couldn't title it ahead of time. Like I would just title it MLS588 Class 2 Notes. Are you saying you take multiple different notes for each class?

    As for starting a new note, there is a hotkey, it's cmd-N.
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    Have you considered Notebook by Circus Ponies Circus Ponies NoteBook - Award-Winning Mac and iPad Application - Organization for a Creative Mind

    I use it for self study note taking. It does not have an iPhone app but does have an iPad app. You can always export your notes as PDF and copy that to your iPhone to review notes.

    Also check out the video tours Circus Ponies NoteBook Video Tour - Introduction to NoteBook

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