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JerryHolleran 07-21-2011 04:22 PM

heavy processing apps
Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forum, this is my very first post.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any apps that really shows off iPhone 4's computing power. the biggest ones that I know of are Infinity Blade, a killer game, and Google Earth...

I just wanted to see what this puppy was really capable of.

chas_m 07-25-2011 03:08 AM

iMovie! I mean, think about it ... you're editing HD-resolution video ON A PHONE. This still boggles my mind.

krehol games 07-26-2011 04:55 PM

Well infinity blade and epic cidel are the 2 most processor hounds out now. Iphone is capabile of much more but since everyone wants games to be 99 cents , no company will invest in making such a game without taking a huge risk.

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