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flatline 07-14-2011 06:11 AM

Minimum price for in-app purchases?
I've searched for the answer for days, but both Google and Apple haven't offered me anything concrete so far.

I was hoping to find someone here who could tell me whether in-app purchases done through iOS' StoreKit are bound to a minimum price. We are currently researching an app idea that would offer content for as low as 0.10 USD.

Also, I heard that Apple charges a 30% fee for all app purchases. Does this fee also apply to in-store purchases? We would also like to know to which extent we are free to choose the micro-payment processor of our liking, for all our in-app purchases.

Please excuse my ignorance, as I'm very new to iOS development. Any insights would be hugely appreciated.

Best, Ro

chas_m 07-15-2011 08:04 AM

I believe the in-app minimum is 99 cents. This is not actually an iTunes rule (well it is, but it's actually set by the credit-card companies rather than Apple).

Yes, Apple gets 30% on in-app purchases. You are not free to choose any other micro-payment processor.

You should probably enroll in the iOS developer's program and get access to the guides and walk-throughs you'll need. You can get started here.

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